1. When was your home built?

Before 1970

1970 - 1980

After 1980

2. How many stories and what style is your home?

2 or more stories above grade with stepped floors, split levels, or large openings in floors

2 or more stories above grade with flat floors, no steps in the floor, and no large openings in floors

1 story rambler above grade

3. What is the construction material of the exterior walls?

Unreinforced masonry bearing walls

Wood or reinforced masonry with full height brick veneer

Wood or reinforced masonry

4. What are the foundation walls constructed from?

Stacked rock or brick, with basement

Stacked rock or brick, no basement

Concrete, with or without basement

Slab on grade, no basement

5. Where is your house located?

Utah Shake Map





Home Scores: 4

If your home scores 17 or more points on the above quiz, you should consider having an engineer, architect, or contractor evaluate it.

Please provide your contact information if you own or live in an unreinforced masonry building and would like further information or details of upcoming grants to help Fix the Bricks.

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