Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities
Application for Urban Vegetable Garden Adjustment Program

17.16.685: Urban Vegetable Garden Adjustment Program
Customers who occupy property with a vegetable garden of a size between 0.10 and 0.25 of an acre are eligible to request an adjustment related to additional allocation of water in block 2 for the months of April through October in support of the City’s local food production initiative. The additional block 2 water allocation is based on 17.94 Ccf per month for each 0.1 acres of vegetable garden between 0.1 acres and 0.25 acres. Water used in excess of the adjusted block 2 allocation will be billed at block 3 and or block 4 rates. Applications for a Urban Vegetable Garden Adjustment, which includes an additional block 2 water allocation, are made through the City’s Department of Public Utilities.

Property owners may be eligible to participate in the Urban Vegetable Garden Allotment Program. This program is designed to provide additional water at Tier 2 Rates for water used over the current Residential Tier 2 amount (30 ccf). Criteria for eligibility are:
     • Applicant needs to occupy property where allotment is to be utilized
     • Vegetable garden area is between 0.10 (4,356 SF) and 0.25 (10,890 SF) acre in size
     • Applicant/property resides within the Salt Lake City Department of Public Utility Service Area

Interested property owners need to complete the attached form and email it to the link at the end of this form. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at (801) 483-6900 or . Please allow 3 to 5 working days to process your application. Thank you.

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