Abandoned Vehicles in Salt Lake City

To report an abandoned vehicle within the Salt Lake City limits, please use this online form.

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Abandoned Vehicle Complaint Form

Please provide as much of the following  information about the abandoned vehicle as you can:

Body Style

Does the vehicle have License Plates?    Yes       No

If yes, what is the state and plate number

Does the vehicle have Salt Lake City Vehicle Sticker?    Yes       No       

If yes, sticker number

Location of abandoned vehicle

Street address closest to where the vehicle is located: *
If the vehicle is close to an intersection, please give the coordinates - example, 500 South & 200 East
How many days has the vehicle been at this location, if known:

Please provide any additional information such as why you believe it is abandoned, condition of the vehicle,
distinguishing features (missing or flat tires, broken windows, etc.) or anything else you feel is important

Please give us your email address in case we need to ask for further details.*  
We will not contact you for any reason other than clarification about this particular vehicle. You will, however, receive an automated
response to let you know your form has reached us.