Request a Proclamation from the City Council

Contact Information  
Organization or individual making request
Phone (include area code)
Street Address
Background information on organization making request or organization website
Background information on event or event website
Proclamation Information  

Type of Resolution

Specify if the resolution is to recognize a person or cause, urge others to act, support a position, or declare a week or day in recognition of an event or person.


If the requested resolution is tied to an event, please provide any details as to why the resolution should be adopted by a certain date.
Date needed by
Resolution wording. Please separate each item with a carriage return and begin each item with the word whereas. (Click here for an example of resolution wording.)
Sources of any fact-based wording.
Resolution Delivery  
How proclamation will be delivered
Person or group to accept resolution at Council meeting
If delivery is to be by US Mail, enter the postal address. (If this is the same address as the contact address above, please enter "same as above.")