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Dear Customer,
Your assistance is needed to meet EPA requirements for drinking water tap testing for lead and copper. We are currently seeking to update our records and to also prequalify other homes willing to participate in future studies.

Salt Lake City Public Utilities is required to do this testing to assure the safety of the water in our community. Drinking water systems must be tested on a three year cycle for the presence of lead and copper at the customer tap to assure that the material used in the home plumbing does not impact the quality of the drinking water. Some of you have willingly provided drinking water samples in the past as part of this study.

To meet the EPA criteria, your home must have been built with copper pipes using lead solder and still contain the original plumbing.
Depending on the answers provided to the questions below, your home may qualify for participation in the 2018 Lead and Copper study which includes free testing of the water in your home and a copy of the official laboratory report upon request. Please note that this free testing does not apply to commercial or business structures.

Arlene Larsen at 801-483-6832 or via e-mail at if you have any question.
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