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The Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office will be organizing a Working Group to serve in an advisory role during the City Council redistricting process. Selected members will be expected to 1) meet at least once a month from September until the Council adopts new boundaries (Council hopes to conclude process in December); 2) attend meetings to gather concerns, ideas, and input; 3) present suggestions or maps for City Council and School Board boundaries.

Applications will be accepted until August 15, 2011.

Note: Candidates being considered for the Working Group will be asked to provide a resume, complete a conflict of interest statement, and may also be interviewed prior to appointment.

Qualifying Questions

1. Are you currently serving on any other City committees?

If yes, please specify which committees, boards, commissions or authorities:

2. Are you a registered voter in Salt Lake City?

3. Answering “yes” to any of the questions below would cause you to be ineligible for selection on the Salt Lake City Council Working Group.
In the last three years, have you been:  
An immediate family member of the City Council or School Board representative?

A candidate for any elected office?

Appointed or elected to any public office?

An officer of a political party?

A registered lobbyist with Salt Lake County or the State of Utah?

An officer of any candidate's campaign committee?

If you are eligible, please complete and submit your application for the City Council’s consideration.

Your Personal Information  
Application date
Home address
ZIP code
How long have you resided at your current address?
Phone numbers  



In which Salt Lake City Council District do you reside?
(To view current City Council boundaries, click here, or call 801.535.7600.)
Please specify any political party affiliation

Unique qualifications or perspectives you would bring to the Working Group
Past and present community service/activities
Professional activities
Civic/professional organization memberships
Other pertinent information
Please list three references with phone numbers