Bike Rack request form

Salt Lake City will provide bike racks, by request and as the City's staff time/budget allows, in business / commercial areas on the public right of way or at a City-owned facility. There is no cost to the business for this service.

Bike racks installed through this program will not count as meeting Salt Lake City's required bicycle parking for new or renovated buildings. The City Cannot install bike racks on private property, including on property owned by other public agencies (state, schools, etc.)

As of 2018, bike rack installations will be done once a year, typically in the spring or early summer. Requests received after the cut-off date will be held until the next year:

  • 2018 Requests: Must be received by Sunday, May 20, 2018.
  • 2019 Requests: Must be received by Friday, March 1, 2019.

This Bike Rack request form should be filled out by a business owner or manager who would like to request a bike rack. We need to have contact information for someone who can meet City staff at the site to determine the best location for the rack. If you are a customer or employee, please ask the business owner or manager to submit the request for a bike rack.

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*please ask the owner or manager to request the rack, if possible.
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Must be on the public way or City property to be eligible for City-provided rack.

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Type of Rack Preferred *
OPTION 1: Black inverted U- rack

This rack parks two bicycles - one on either side of the rack. Multiple racks may be installed at the same location.

OPTION 2: Red bicycle rack

This rack parks four bicycles - one on either side of the rack at each "wheel". Only one red bicycle rack will be installed per block face.

OPTION 3: Bicycle corral

Bike corrals consist of a rack that will park 10 bikes, installed from April to November in a parking space on the street. Bike corrals are removed for the winter for snow plowing. Bike corrals are only installed at the request of an adjacent host business.

Permanent bike racks (Options 1 & 2) are preferred to bike corrals where space permits. Permanent racks provide year-round parking and also minimize City labor costs installing / uninstalling the corrals. If you request a bike corral, City staff will evaluate your site to determine if permanent bike racks are an option. For more info, please read Salt Lake City's Bike Corral outreach flyer.

You may submit this form via the web by pressing the submit button, or if you prefer it can be printed and mailed or faxed to our office at:


Salt Lake City Transportation
P.O. Box 145502
Salt Lake City Utah 84114-5502
Fax 801.535.6019

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